PCB Design

There are no obstacles in hardware design for us. Whether it's high-frequency circuits, low-power devices or precision measurements, the design of your printed circuit board will be designed by the most qualified engineers with the most modern software. We can also undertake its production.


Printed Circuit Board Design

We undertake your design from the cost-effective construction of simple, few-component circuit until the reliable and eMC compatible construction of precision, high-frequency circuits.


PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

We also solve the production of your printed circuit board. THT and SMD components are installed in a semi-automatic method. Contact us for a quote!


PLC programming

We solve the automation of your factory, assembly-line or machine with a modern PLC system. We always pay attention to the person- and machine protection system, to comply with the standards and write detailed documentation of the code for future improvements.


Electronic measurements

Instrumental measurements for pre-EMC testing, CE certification, or simply for detecting and correcting faults.

Signal processing in 1 clock cycle

The task was a digital, time-critical signal processing and signal synchronization. I solved it by connecting a pair of Xilinx CPLDs and an STM32. Each input and output (6-6) can be switched between 50 Ohm and HighZ. The signal processing can be parameterized and controlled via RS485. The maximum frequency for the first two inputs is 100 MHz. It can be purchased with personalized programming, contact us under 'Contact'.



During face-to-face or online meetings, we discuss the detailed parameters needed for planning.

PCB Schematics design

Preparation of the schematic circuit diagram of the circuit. After selecting the necessary parts, connect their pins in an abstract way.

PCB Layout design

Based on the schematic circuit diagram, the placement and connection of the circuit elements on a printed circuit board in a concrete, manufacturable form.


Production and implantation of the first copy of the circuit board. The board will be designed to have many parameters adjustable on it, in order to the unforeseen changes.

Embedded system design

Programming and testing digital system code on a prototype board. A complicated embedded system also requires comprehensive knowledge in electronics, programming and measurement technology. We present our embedded software development service on a separate page in addition.

General User Interface

A user interface is required to monitor and control the completed circuit. It allows the operator/user to view the received data, give instructions or intervence in the control process in an intuitive environment.

Test and Compliance procedure

Your dream electronics are now working. It processes the received data, executes the issued commands, all of which can be easily reviewed in a user interface. But good functioning is not enough today. We not only design your product, but also think about compliance with standards, CE certification, and EMC pre-comliance measurement.


You will definitely be waiting on tender hooks at this stage, but we will only pass the finished product with very detailed documentation. We make sure you have all the information you need to further developement. The knowledge required for use is provided through training.

Production preparation

We can also manufacturing your product. We undertake both the production of the printed circuit board, the purchase components and assembly the PCB. You will come to us with an idea and we will accompany you to series production.


Industrial machine control system


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Measurement and data collection


Power driver circuits


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